Yo-kai watch 3 : item issue

I used a cheat code at one point to get all the items in the game and now I would like to do an event quest to get the Yo-kai Zazel but the quest doesn’t start until I get the item via the QRcode and I can’t retrieve Zazel’s item via the QRcode because I have it in 99x so it doesn’t want to activate the quest for me, would you have a way to reduce the number of items?

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This is why you need to be careful with cheat codes. And no, I don’t know a way to do this, since I don’t have the game myself. Maybe there’s some in-game method that may help, but that’s beyond Citra support.

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You could use the YKW3 save editor to change the item amount. Be warned that it could corrupt your save data, so making a backup is strongly advised