Yoshi's New Island (First Level)

Hi all! Got a new video for you lot today, as the title says it’s Yoshi’s New Island. This game just looks stunning in HD, I still can’t believe how good it looks. If like me you were a fan of the SNES original then you’re just gonna love this game. On the original console due to the hardware, the graphics just weren’t given the justice they deserved. Now on Citra, we can see how the game really should look. It also plays flawlessly!


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Another great video. Thanks!

Again a little criticism / feedback: I think you should mention which exact version of Citra you were using.
Sometimes we accidentally break games (“regressions”) so it would be nice to have a go-to version. Just say: “Please always try the latest version, I’m running Bleeding Edge 239 which is the latest version at the time of making this video” = encourage updating, but provide a fallback.

You should also make the topic title on these forums more descriptive. I was clicking this, expecting a bug report or something. “My latest video of Citra: Yoshi’s New Island”.

Something else you should consider is creating a meta-thread / video collection thread to build a fanbase. That topic could become the go-to place for well made Citra videos. By creating a new thread for every video you don’t get extra exposure for your previous videos - if there was a single topic a new video would also bring attention to previous posts / videos. Just my 2 cents :wink:

Also since your last video, the gamepad support has been fully integrated into Citra Nightly (and all upcoming Bleeding Edges). Work on a graphical user interface for the controller config has also started. For now you still have to configurate through the config file. But as the feature itself is integrated it won’t be removed again - so now is probably the time to switch from external tools, to built-in gamepad support. :slight_smile:
(The configuration for xinput / xbox 360 controllers is mentioned often on the forums, I recommend looking around)


You know what, as soon as I watched that video back I thought to myself “I probably should have mentioned the version number”. I’ll be sure to add that in on future videos.

I’ll take note of your other comments, they’re good suggestions. I’m new to this whole thing, as you probably can tell, so any advise is greatly appreciated.