"Your installation seems to be corrupted"

I got this:
My question is what should I uninstall? Jusy main Citra files, or everything (game files, saves configuration)?

Just Citra. Run the uninstaller if you used the installer to install Citra.

Ok, but I am an idiot and I lost all my saves. Any way to revert deleting with maitnence tool?

No. Though the uninstaller shouldn’t touch any save files unless you made it a portable build (by adding a user folder to the installation folder) after the fact.

You can try a data recovery program such as recuva to recover deleted files if you haven’t written many things to the drive the deleted data was on.

So: I used Recuva, and I got files, but they somehow don’t work. I guess price for being a dumb shit and not wanting to buy bigger hard drive for user files. I don’t think it was much, mostly Phoenix Wright, but… does anyone know or have save bank? If not… Well I guess I’m screwed.

Here’s a save bank that should work with Citra: https://ds-save-bank.firebaseapp.com/

Thank You! Unfortunatly, they only got Dual Destinies, so I just booted Spirit of Justice on unthrottled and with skipping all. I guess I’ll just speedrun to the moment I was on. So I kinda got my lesson to not mess with files. Thank You once more!

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