Yuzu crashed and my entire game save files were deleted

hey my yuzu just froze and crashed my game while playing zelda BOTW and while i was restarting i deleted some cookies in my browser (cause i needed space), after i tried starting zelda again, the complete game was reset and all of my saves were gone. was it because of the crash or the deleted cookies? im not sure if it was the cookies fault or not or if it even can be the cookies fault. what do i do?

btw, tried another game and the saves were deleted there too.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Most likely yuzu created a new user profile, and the saves are in the old one.
Right click the game in yuzu’s list, select open save data location, and navigate the folders, the top one where you are is the GameID, but the one before that will be the user profile, check if your saves are in a different profile, and jsut copy them over to the current one.


sorry, i tried moving around things a lot and it didnt work for me. maybe im lost but im not sure if i did the right thing. Is there anything else i can try? or should i keep trying what i’ve been told to do with the user profile?

Update: i managed to figure it out and moved the old profile in the new one. thank you very much! (●’◡’●) ^-^

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update 2.0: it worked for pokemon, but not for zelda. After the crash and starting the game again, The game created a new save. Now after copying the saves from the old profile into the new one, only the new save shows up in the game. In the game’s folder i also found my old screenshots. Any idea how to get my old saves back?

Hmm, unless that save got corrupted somehow while saving, it should just work.
Maybe you replaced it by mistake?

I couldn’t find it anywhere. Is there any auto backup for the game or anything else i can try to fix it? and is there a save state system for yuzu like there is for other emulators? I hope i didnt lose the file completely

Nope, we’re considering adding one.

Thank you very much sir! I panicked because Yuzu’s save file was lost after my laptop accidentally shut down. But your method works well! Thank you very much.

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Hello, I’m new here! Is there an update to this solution? Cause the only option available when I right-click the game in the list is “open saved games location” or something, and the folders are different than what you mentioned

Everything he mentioned still applies.
Example of userid’s (I have two user in yuzu) (right click game open save location and go 2 folders back to get to where I am in this examlpe)

And as he mentioned when you right click game and open save location if you back one folder it houses all saves within their respective game folder via gameid


Mine appears this way, is this 0000000000 folder a user id? I lost all unlocked karts and courses in Mario Kart 8, so what i should do is go to the old user folder (if there is one, in my case) try to find the old savings and copy them into the Mario Kart’s saving folder?

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the long 0 one is the system-device save location. Some games use user save others like animal crossing and mk8d use system-device save in some manner. Our current filesystem is a little spaghetti so it is ideal to backup your working saves from yuzu periodically. There is project to fix this in future :pray:

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The courses not being unlocked would usually be you not applying latest update - dlc to yuzu / you corrupted your applied firmware-keys. Redumping it from console should fix that.

Sorry, I’m very bad with those terms in english lol what does redumping from console mean?

redump means get files from your switch console again

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Your replies have been super helpful, thanks.

I started playing skyward sword last night, woke up and everything was gone. This did the trick. Much appreciated.

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i created an account in this site just to thanks to everyone in this thread, it was very helpful and saved my Pokemon Scarlet run

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If not for this thread,my Violet playthrough would’ve been gone for good.I’m forever grateful to you all!

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