Yuzu crashes randomly when playing Pokemon Sword

yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (1016.9 KB)
I’ve been trying to play Pokemon Sword but the emulator crashes randomly with no patterns what so ever (or at least nothing that I could distinguish). I tried to manually change the virtual memory size but it didn’t work. Crashes happen after 5 mins of gameplay or sometimes after more than a hour. Apart from that, the game works perfect, stable 30 fps with no drops or glitches of any kind.

Please use auto cpu accuracy. There is a recent issue with new driver on nvidia that may also be the cause of some issue here.

I changed it to auto but it crashed again after half an hour aproxyuzu_log.txt.old.txt (1.7 MB)

Tbh that’s not bad for now considering the state of game on emu for some people. Try to save often in the game. “There is a recent issue with new driver on nvidia that may also be the cause of some issue here.” This as well doesn’t help. It’s being looked into as to the extent it affects things. So far it seems to affect mainly ogl, but some vulkan usage in games are being affected.

I can only speak from my experience, but I had the same. What I found out is that when the game forces you to save (when doing dynamax adventures, or digging with the dig bros, etc) it crashes like 100% of the time. To get around this you can play the game without Multi core emulation and it wont crash.

I found that forcing the game to run much faster somehow works to get past the crash - at least for the dens that force you to save. From similar issues & solutions across the net, it seems like a bit of a roll of the dice currently as to what exactly your fix may be. I believe it’s a kernel level issue that the devs have been battling for a while now?

You are correct. It requires emulator fixes. There is no determined fix date as it is long standing issue since emu updates - game updates.

Hi, nvidia drivers and opengl… I do wonder if running the linux version of the emulator or any emulator will work around this issue? I wont mind giving my linux a dust off…

The driver issues are mostly corrected on windows. If you happen to try linux any driver in the 49x series or earlier should be alright.