Yuzu Crashing, black screen

Guys, yuzu isn’t working at all, i’ve already tried a fresh install of emulator, drivers and windows but i have a black screen with sound after “in the skies above of peach’s castle” in Mario Odyssey, Link’s awakening crashes yuzu without any loading…yuzu_log.txt (55.8 KB) yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (33.2 KB)

I played odyssey last year, I’ve already tried old builds, but nothing is working,

Try without mods and see how it works.

as you said, I unchecked all mods, unfortunally no change.

Can you try with older version and see if it works.

yuzu 262, doesn’t work, yuzu 484 neither

Try with 602 I see it works perfect with this version.

|04/29/2021|skpManiac on 04/29/2021|Intel(R) Core™ i9-10850K CPU @ 3.60GHz
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
Windows|Mainline Build

e6a1782 Perfect

yeah, no, could be nvidia driver?

Try with previous driver, or uninstall the driver using this program.

then restart PC and reinstall the driver.

done, I tried using whql windows default driver and also 461.40 driver, not solved

just mentioning, citra works very well, cemu using vulkan or opengl works fine.

i was thinking, both games have movies, mario load a movie after main menu screen, zelda has a movie as intro, could be a codec problem?

Don’t know, I am no part off the Yuzu Team, I am a user and helping others with what I know.

yeah, any chance of one dev member see my log? there is some warnings and errors, could help to solve these problems, maybe isn’t just me.

One last thing that I think, do you have any programs for screen recording or stream like: Bandicam, OBS, etc., if you have one off them uninstall it and see if it works.

no, I only use nvidia shadowplay

I suspect the game dump to be corrupted somehow, maybe a bad power off damaged the file.

possible, my pc has a samsung ssd, there is a tweak called “rapid mode”, this mode creates a weird kind of cache, if a bad power off occurs data can be lost, I’m gonna try using a another dump file.

Do not use tweaks they can damage your data and possible SSD.

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SOLVED!!! my games were corrupted and as advice for community:

I really don’t know what exactly happened but there are some points about my pc config that aren’t usual:

  • Microsoft storage pool spaces (my pc has a parity raid, using 4 hds)
  • I had issues when I tried a defrag, it’s better not to defrag pools"
  • as mentioned before, don’t use “rapid mode” by samsung, there is no noticeable improvement using this mode and there is a real risk to lose data.