Yuzu crashing on shader loading

So, my yuzu is crashing on shader loading when I try to play MHGU (Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate) with a 60 fps mod activated, but if I deactivate the mod the game launches normally, therefore I’d think it is a problem in my yuzu build with the cheats ? Help please.

Here is my log -> yuzu_log.txt (29.3 KB)

I’d say it’s a an incompatibility with the mod.

I think so too, that would be a build incompatibility with the kinda of mod it is, correct ? So just wait it out for them to fix this would be the call

It could go either way. We have cases of mods that work on native hardware but break on yuzu.

Funny is that the mod worked fine on previous builds, but in between missions the game textures broke and it turned into a mess and the game crashed, but now it doesn’t even start the mod, well, at least the texture breaking stuff seens fixed, which is nice :slight_smile: