Yuzu crashing without errors

pls help, yuzu just crashing without any errors when i launch ssb ultimate. my specs is ryzen 4600h, gtx 1650 (laptop), 8 gb ram, win 11. nvidia gpu drivers are 496.49, latest visual c++ installed (x86 and x64), i tried without updates and dlc’s, with default settings and nothing changes.yuzu_log.txt (5.6 KB)

Downgrade gpu driver to 472.12. Latest drivers have issues with yuzu and is being looked into.

sadly dont helped. i also tried setting the preferred GPU in the nvidia control panel as high performance.
and one detail, when i switching to vulkan i dont have my video card or any other in the list of devices, it’s just empty

You need to also update the GPU driver of the integrated Vega: https://www.amd.com/en/support/apu/amd-ryzen-processors/amd-ryzen-5-desktop-processors-radeon-vega-graphics/amd-ryzen-5-1
Both drivers must be quite recent for Vulkan to work on laptops.

I have 472.12 drivers and face same issue.Also reset Yuzu settings and deleted its folder in C:

edit: fixed it. Had to enable swap file in c:

You would benefit from updated windows as well to allow usage of fastmem.

I use Windows 10 version with most recent cumulative updates.

Intriguing. Then you should have fastmem capability.

Funny thing is that now that Yuzu works, Ryujinx suddenly stopped working…

I’ll bet it is unrelated as pagefile usage in either emu doesnt cause issue.