Yuzu day-night cycle not working for pokemon sword

the time in the save screen clock shows the correct system time but it is always daytime in the overworld…in fact, i’ve been playing pokemon sword since 2 days and no matter at what time i play, it’s always daytime…and also, the pokemon jobs always show “24 hours left” even after i played the game for 4 hours after starting the job…i tried changing the system clock and also tried the custom rtc settings…none of them worked…the game stays the same at all times…can anyone please help me with how to fix this issue…

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

If Ur weather Is not changing is wild area (probably stuck at normal weather) or day-night cycle is reversed ( or broken), Turn of all the installed mods (not updates ). If the items sold by watt traders is not changing, there is no way as u are time locked and no fix is out for it yet.

Hope it helps… If u need any further help feel free to ask


thank youuuu…you’re a life saver…it worked

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Hey i’ve the same problem but i’ve no installed Mods. Time isn’t running on my Yuzu with Pokemon Shield.
Do u have an idea what i can do?

What do you exactly mean by time is not working?

As yashuu24 said my pokejobs always show 24h left when i restart the game and the raid-dens don’t refresh with watt after i collectet ot once. (Sry for my bad english)

ya the time cycle of yuzu is not yet fixed… you have to wait for it for now or what you can do is keep yuzu 24Hr open… (if you can lollllll)

There is no fix for it yet as it is a bug in yuzu.So…, sry

Hi, any update on this issue yet? My Pokejobs duration did not go down despite playing more than 3 days. I selected 24 hours for the job btw.

I read somewhere that we have to let the emulator run to get the timer running but I’m scared the emulator will crash and I would have wasted my time.

Appreciate any updates on this. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Really sorry for the late reply but yes, I found a solution. After sending your pokemon on a job, go to the configure tab in emulation settings on the upper left corner of the window and while the game is running, change the date.I don’t know why and how only this works instead of actually playing the game on the next day.

And also, changing the date this way also re-spawns the wild area wandering pokemon and berries on berry trees. Previously, if you encountered/battled a wandering pokemon in a location in the wild area, you can’t find any wandering pokemon in that location again wheras originally, they should re-spawn after 24 hrs, so this method fixes that.

Though changing the date this way helps with jobs and re-spawns wanderers and berries, it still doesn’t change the max raid pokemon. You still have to fight each and every max raid pokemon in the wild area to change them.

Hope this helps! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Also, if anyone finds a way to make the max raids work the actual way, please do update here :slightly_smiling_face: