Yuzu Emulator Stuck on "Launching..." - TotK

Hello all!

I’ve looked into this online and on the forum for assistance with my Yuzu crashes launching Tears of the Kingdom.
I found some suggestions but I was hoping someone more knowledgeable could take a peak at my log files to see what’s causing these “crashes” as I have been unable to resolve the issue myself and feel out of options!

I updated from EA 3505 to 3507 and the issue began occurring.
I ended up updating to 1.1.2 and using lazy pack to download all my mods to avoid any version conflicts in my attempts to resolve this issue.

Typically, I would clear my shader caches and get the new versions to see if any bugs have been fixed, never had this issue before. When I tried to revert to a working version, I get the same issue…

Perhaps someone could provide one of their log files for a successful launch that I could use to compare.

This is my log here, I don’t see a particular error or where things are going wrong.

Really hoping nothings corrupted and I can continue playing, I was about half way through and loving it. Any help would be great appreciated!!

Find log attached.

yuzu_log_post_launch.txt (57.0 KB)

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Same issue here. I’m on current mainline build.