Yuzu error while initializing opengl core! NEED HELP!

unsupported extensions: ARB_direct_state_access.

before pokemon let’s go pikachu was able to boot, it crashes after the title screen tho. but recently, the latest update, i won’t even boot because of the error (this message pops up after i try opening PLGP, error while initializing opengl core, unsupported extensions: ARB_direct_state_access). i don’t know what to do. I need help!

Your GPU doesn’t support the OpenGL extensions, please make sure your GPU supports at least OpenGL 4.3.

i have OpenGL 4.3 but i also get error ARB_direct_state_access


Is there a way to know if my PC supports opengl 4.3? what is opengl? sorry! i’m bad at technology stuff! i think my PC’s opengl is outdated, is there a way to make it work on a cheap PC like mine? is yuzu gonna be available for old and cheap PC (outdated opengl) in the future? cuz a year ago, citra has that same problem on my pc, now i csn play games with 100% speed. i understand that yuzu still needs improvement.

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Sorry for replying so late,
ARB_direct_state_access is a OpenGL 4.5 extension. Thus you won’t be able to use yuzu unless you upgraded your graphics card. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

@MysticExile extensions don’t have a version like that. Think of it like “In order to release a driver that can create an OpenGL version 4.5 context, you need to support all of these extensions” So, the dsa extension is required to support opengl 4.5, but you can easily have a driver that doesn’t support 4.5, but still has the extension.

I have the same problem, jroweboy you know what to do with that “Dsa” thing?, cause i dont know anything about it and theres no video explaining it

I too have the same problem. Yuzu says that four opengl extensions are not there. I have updated graphics driver also but the problem remained same. I remember citra too showed such a dialogue box bot afterwards I was able to play games nicely. Does it mean yuzu too will update so as to be compatible with low end devices? Or is there any others way to make it compatible?

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Yuzu requires OpenGL 4.3 and if its a laptop your out of look and if its a desktop add a graphic card thats support OGL 4.3 or later. https://yuzu-emu.org/wiki/faq/

Even citra had such a problem but it resolved now. Will yuzu too support older versions of GPl afterwards?

I’m with that opengl problem that don’t allow me to play anything in yuzu. Anybody can help me how to fix it?

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Try updating your graphic drivers from intel

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It’s already lattest, the error with me is the “ARB_direct_state_access”, i was searching for info and found that this is a OpenGL 4.5 function. So, i think i will not be able to play :frowning:

Will the open gl requirement come down in future like it did in citra?

Most likely not, the Switch uses many OpenGL 4.5 extensions. Not using them would just hinder progress and hurt performance.

Also Citras OpenGl requirements haven’t gone down in the past 2 years.

Don’t know may be my driver’s updated or something else but I remember citra showing open gl problem like what now yuzu is showing.

Hey can mesa3d be used or attached with yuzu for open gl 4.5 emulations? I have tried 3d analyze but it fails attatching batch file with yuzu. I don’t know how to use mesa3d. So someone please check whether it’s possible or not with yuzu and tell how to use it.

So, I will never be able to play via yuzu cause of only this ARB_direct_state_access? :disappointed_relieved:
Isn’t possible to at least add any option to run without this? :frowning:

Vi q vc está com o mesmo problema q o meu. Conseguiu resolver?