Yuzu error while initializing opengl core! NEED HELP!


unsupported extensions: ARB_direct_state_access.

before pokemon let’s go pikachu was able to boot, it crashes after the title screen tho. but recently, the latest update, i won’t even boot because of the error (this message pops up after i try opening PLGP, error while initializing opengl core, unsupported extensions: ARB_direct_state_access). i don’t know what to do. I need help!


Your GPU doesn’t support the OpenGL extensions, please make sure your GPU supports at least OpenGL 4.3.


i have OpenGL 4.3 but i also get error ARB_direct_state_access



Is there a way to know if my PC supports opengl 4.3? what is opengl? sorry! i’m bad at technology stuff! i think my PC’s opengl is outdated, is there a way to make it work on a cheap PC like mine? is yuzu gonna be available for old and cheap PC (outdated opengl) in the future? cuz a year ago, citra has that same problem on my pc, now i csn play games with 100% speed. i understand that yuzu still needs improvement.