Yuzu for Xbox Series S/X

Good afternoon devs. I want to preface this by saying you all have done a fantastic job with Yuzu on PC. I know you are still working hard to perfect the emulator still, and I am excited to see what the future of this emulator holds. However, I was curious about if you all had plans to create a version that would run on other platforms, specifically on Xbox Series consoles using the Dev Mode. I saw that Citra was getting the same type of questions on the Xbox One a couple years ago and would like to see that happen also at some point, but that’s not the point of this post. What is the likelihood of us seeing a version of the emulator for a home console platform in the future? What would it take to make that a possibility? Given how popular the Series S/X are for emulation and their capabilities of running games on consoles all the way up to the Wii (or even more high end systems when emulators are ported over to them) through Dev mode emulators, as well as having backwards compatibility with games on every generation of Xbox released, being able to emulate the more recent Nintendo systems would be an amazing feat to accomplished.

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I prefer all the Console Emulators on PC, I am a PC Master Race Follower (aka. Old Timer when was Intel P55C).

Plzzz i beg u do it and evryonw would be able to play games for free on xbox plzz do it

You can’t (not at this time), it is not a matter of the power of the xbox, it’s because the code type is not supported on xbox and therefore can not be run on it. So for the time being, 3ds and switch emulation is not doable on xbox.