Yuzu freezes and doesn't respond randomly while running pokemon legends arceus

I started playing legends arceus, and am facing a problem with yuzu. It keeps crashing after some time into the game, with no popup. The game just freezes, and it doesn’t load after a while either. The music also stops. Using OpenGL somewhat fixes this but it does occur. I have tried many tutorials and checked many other sites too.

These are my specs-
Processor - intel core i5
Ram - 8gb
Graphics card - NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

The yuzu_log.txt is empty for some reason, so this is the old yuzu log
yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (101 KB)

Am I doing something wrong? Please help

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I got another log right after the freeze happened
And sorry, it freezes only to never respond, the window has to be closed via task manager
yuzu_log.txt (294.6 KB)

Quickstart Guide - yuzu please follow the quickstart guide to properly dump your system firmware from console and your game update and apply to yuzu. As well always stick to auto cpu accuracy. Using unsafe or debug will not improve your performance and can actually cause issues.

Please also try using earlier gpu driver to see if it helps you any. Newer driver can be very weird on very old nvidia gpu for vulkan. See if 472.12 treats you any different after you follow the above recommendations. Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA

Don’t expect good results with a GPU that old and weak.

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