Yuzu Freezes Completely while playing Pokemon Sword(steam deck)

The game freezes randomly at random intervals, sometimes 5 min into the game but other times can go for an hour until it freezes completely. The game was run on a steam deck. I cannot identify any cause of the freeze as it happens randomly during the game.
yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (2.9 MB)

Set a network interface in the yuzu config please. Sword shield becomes more unstable since local wireless was introduced into yuzu when you do not have one set. You would also benefit generally from dumping game update from console and applying to yuzu (file >> install to nand)

Wouldn’t hurt to update yuzu either you’re a few versions behind. Latest is 1303

thank you for your response! I’ll try out the solutions you suggested to see if they work. again tqsm!

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