Yuzu fully utilizing resources

Good Day.
When I play any game on yuzu, it’s CPU usage doesn’t go more than ~40% though I have ~40 - 50% more processing power available. This causes low FPS and stutters. It only happens when resolution is set to 1 or 0.75X. When I set the resolution to 0.5X none of this happens. The game runs smoothly at 30FPS. I tried out recommendations like giving high priority, running as administrator etc. But none of it seems to work. Any help is appreciated.

My specs
Intel core i3 7020U
Intel graphics HD 620

Thank You

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

At resolutions higher than 0.5X the GPU bottlenecks performance, causing the CPU to wait. That’s why you see low CPU use, your GPU is too weak.
The CPU is also not powerful enough for most intensive games, a dual core will produce poor performance, especially at those low clock speeds.

Thank You for your help! And the GPU usage is around 65% and not around 90. And also doesn’t go above 75

Your next main issue is lack of dedicated VRAM, and low memory bandwidth available, those can also cause massive bottlenecks, especially single channel configurations.

Thank You for helping!

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