Yuzu Game Save Data Gone!

Good Afternoon everyone

I recently had an issue where I had to uninstall Yuzu and reinstall to run Legends of Arceus again after 60 hours of gameplay. The save data is no where to be found… I have searched through file explorer through the roaming files and under yuzu I cant find anything. I currently have Disk Drill running in order to fish it out but I cant find the name of the save file.

When I went to the game and opened the save data directory it was labelled backup.bin and main.bin but nothing like that is showing up. I was hoping someone could help me recover this file

Sorry for length and appreciate any help I can get :slight_smile:

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

Right click a game then open save location, then when in file explorer go up a folder or two to the root 0000000000000 one shown in example. For my case I have 2 users (purple and red underlined) with applicable game saves within in their respective gameid named folders. See if browsing through this helps you find your save if it is still there. If you deleted %appdata%\yuzu\ when you reinstalled you purged your own saves.

Couldnt I recover the purged files using a data recovery app? I cant really see anything that resembles those .bin files @Ghost666

Wouldn’t hurt to try or if you didnt clear your recycling bin they may still be in there

Unfortunately Im not entirely sure what I’m looking for. The actual .bin files aren’t showing up and i’ve tried to follow the file explorer trace but have not seemed to find it/ check the right place. This is really they key to my question @Ghost666

Then there is a chance you deleted it and will have to try to use software to recover the deleted files. Hopefully it doesn’t corrupt it though during said process.

If you are around the same point in game on console you can just dump save from it using JKSV. Can at least get you back to a further point in game versus starting over again.