Yuzu gets initial 32-bit game support

With New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe running well!, Ever since last March, work has been on-going to add 32-bit game support to the Yuzu emulator as some Wii U game ports do not use 64-bit binaries, While there aren’t many 32-bit games for the Switch, some pretty popular titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Monster Hunter XX and Captain Toad are 32-bit so omitting support for the ARM32 architecture isn’t an option for emulators, 32-bit Switch game support [was introduced in the recently-released Yuzu Early Access Build 632], As usual, it’s important to state that a mid-high end PC is required to get a playable experience while emulating Switch games in Yuzu with some games being more demanding than others! To use 32-bit applications right now, it is required to use Yuzu’s Early Access Builds which can be accessed by donating $5/month via Patreon.

This is not my review, I am just shearing the News.


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Finally, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate can be playable soon :'D


Is there a complete list of which switch games are 32 bit and which ones are 64 bit?