YUZU install Location?

hello i need help!!

how can i move Yuzu TO D:disk’’ i have it on ‘‘C:disk’’ right now and want to move yuzu to D:disk

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

Moving yuzu entirely to a new drive stops it from being able to update. The best you can do to keep updating is redirect your yuzu nand. Go to config filesystem in yuzu and change the nand folder to somewhere new, then you hit apply and close the emulator and copy over your contents from %appdata%\yuzu\nand\ into your new nand folder. The nand folder takes up the brunt of the space for yuzu. As it includes your installed updates-dlc-saves-fw files etc.

can i change nand folder like this - D:/nand ?

Yes you can do that. Long as it is a valid folder and you copy the contents of the original yuzu nand to it.

ok and where can i paste this %appdata%\yuzu\nand\ ?

Told you hours ago :stuck_out_tongue:

“copy over your contents from %appdata%\yuzu\nand\ into your new nand folder” this means wherever you want on another drive. You tell yuzu to use that new path in config >> filesystem

SO %appdata%\yuzu\nand\ into my D:/nand folder? how about pokemon shield will my ‘‘main’’ be saved still if i move it to D:drive?

Yes you will be fine

can i move %appdata%\yuzu\nand\ INTO D:/nand ?

At this point you’re just repeating yourself. Please re read what i said above your comments.

when i open YUZU i see normal / C:\Users\AppData\Local\yuzu

but in YUZU ITS - D:\nand

i see my C:DRIVE ITS 16,6 and go down to 13 … i want to set it on D:DRIVE

Moving nand takes up the most space. There is no real viable way to change entire yuzu install location.

If you copied over your nand successfully to the new location you can delete the old one (%appdata%\yuzu\nand) to free up some more space.

If you’re fighting this hard for space you should honestly seek a larger hardrive. Beyond yuzu, Windows doesn’t really appreciate having <50gb of space free on C.

i hope YUZU will have install Location sometime…

In future sure but even then %localappdata%\yuzu\ only takes up like 200mb. In roaming appdata yuzu folder Nothing is really large enough to warrant moving besides nand. The most space taken up even with hundreds of games played on yuzu is my ‘load’ folder for mods (which you can also redirect in filesystem of yuzu). Even the shader folder with many many games only ends up being 500mb or less.

Yuzu will always use my C:DRIVE nothing i can do… only wait for future update

See you then!!!

IS There any emulator that have ‘‘install Location’’ ?

Neither switch emulator for pc offer this. You will have to wait.