Yuzu is stuck on launching screen

The game i am trying to launch is pokemon sword, but it is now stuck at the launching screen. It used to work prior i tried Switching to OpenGL but it is still not launching. I also have Mods installed including DLC1 And Update 1.2.0

yuzu_log.txt (195.6 KB)

Delete your current shader cache as it is no longer valid with the current version, and try without the mods, remove them from the mod folder to test.

It still happens and it still keeps launching.

Can you post me a new log?

yuzu_log.txt (20.1 KB)
Here’s a newer log

You haven’t booted the game in that log. Make sure to upload it before opening yuzu again, else you overwrite it.

Oh, here’s a newer one i got after closing sword.
yuzu_log.txt (159.1 KB)

Try disabling anisotropic filtering in the advanced graphics tab, and in system > services, disable BCAT and restart yuzu.
If it continues to fail, I suspect a damaged game dump.