Yuzu just crashes upon loading a game, no error, no anything

I used Free Yuzu to play Smash Bros Ultimate, it worked fine. I got the EA Build and every time I try to open the game, the emulator just closes, no error message or anything like that. I tried going back to the free build and it doesn’t work anymore, I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling Yuzu, that didn’t work either. I also tried this with Super Mario Odyssey, that also didn’t work.

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20GHz

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

A fix should be arriving soon.

Yeah but it used to work, so it is really strange that it doesn’t work anymore…
Maybe this Log file helps, forgot to put it in, sorry.

(The “invalid hex digit” things just keep going for years, so I cut them out)
yuzu_log.txt (13.0 KB)

You cut the important part with RAM/page file and GPU information.

Sorry! Here is the full file, I uploaded it to mediafire because it was too big to upload here:

Do you have the game updated? If it is, disable the update. Right click the game in yuzu’s list, properties.

For some reason it doesn’t give me any options.
The first time I installed the game (SSBU) it gave me the options but now after I reinstalled the game (SSBU), it doesn’t anymore…
But I remember that turning it off (DLC and Updates) didn’t help either.

You are using an XCI with the updates and DLC embeded, yuzu doesn’t like those. Use a clean game dump and dump the update and DLCs separately.

I did that, but it still doesn’t work. I tried both games (Super Mario Odyssey and SSBU).

Mario Odyssey - Just kept loading
SSBU - kept loading for a while and then just crashes

At the bottom right it also says “0 FPS”

Did you install latest GPU Driver:

Does anyone know when there gonna optimize it for amd users

Hard to do when you are emulating an Nvidia console, with games expecting Nvidia only compatible calls.
We do as much as we can.

yeah I understand will amd graphics card work better in the future? or is this something i should just give up on untill i get a nivida graphics card?

We are working in the texture cache rewrite. It should fix most if not all the problems with Vulkan, and improve performance a bit. That should help us AMD GPU users.

Thanks so much if yall get everything fixed for the amd users like me Im 100% gonna donate. I just can use it now so i dont see the point of donating.

did same with me but disabling shaders cache fixed it for me it still random crashes but im able to load my game the disk shader and vulcan are both buggy disk shader files gets corrupted i know this because when i reinstall game and cache it works a couple of hours then crashes when it loads a shader file if you have a fx 8 core its best to set cpu on unsafe since theres an instruction set that needs to be unfused if you have a ryzan it should have it and work fine on normal so if you do this most games play very well.my issue was with xenogears chronicles de theres not much a performance diffrence without the shaders if you pc is fast you wont notice

FX has FMA, no need to use Unsafe.

im having an issue where when i click on yuzu to open it it just closes with no error or nothing
here is video showing it: yuzu issue - YouTube
and here is the latest log file i found in the yuzu directory

actually i think i fixed it after i went into an old version of yuzu deleted the motion control server and the sonic mania thing and it finally opened… im confused