Yuzu - Linux - AMD Radeon RX6800 - Xenoblade DE - Flickering lights on grass

Hello. I’m running Yuzu on my Linux gaming rig.
AMD Ryzen 5600X
AMD Radeon RX6800
16Gb DDR4

Yuzu 1111
Zorin OS 16.1
Xenoblade Chronicles DE
OpenGL Mode

I have major flickering lights on grass. This is not the black grass issue that happened a few builds ago and that shows up on Google when searching for issues with Xeno DE Linux AMD, I have major flickering lights on grass.
It happens no matter what in OpenGL mode. I tried everything.
Game was dumped by me from original using my modded switch.
I’m using the 60fps mod and removed shapen filter mod, but it doesn’t matter if I deactivate them, still flickers like crazy every other frame.
It doesn’t happen on Vulkan but the game doesn’t run at 60fps with it, only on OpenGL.

Here is a screenshot:

It also happens on the title screen btw

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

^ Please post a log when you can @herpderpus

Hello. I distro-hopped in the meantime, now I’m using Mint. Same issue btw.
Here’s the log:
yuzu_log.txt (191.0 KB)

Some of this is likely to be due to emulator issue & a little with amd needing more time to be fixed. What I can generally think of to advise would be setting a much larger windows pagefile, using auto cpu accuracy, and disabling async shader in config graphics advanced.

Hi :smiley:
Tried all combinations of settings, no way to get this issue to go away. So odd! I even saw videos of the game running flawlessly on the Steam Deck, which has an AMD APU. Could the issue be exclusive to the 6xxx Radeon series?

dated youtube videoes don’t always apply to new emu versions & gpu drivers & regressions etc.

They’d be more a representation of emulator at that given date of upload for video

Hello, the videos from the steam deck are very recent, but I just noticed they are playing on Vulkan. Why am I also not playing on Vulkan? Easy, I have horrible flickering shadows on Vulkan with Yuzu :frowning:

That being said, I reinstalled my Windows 11 and this game is just broken there too.
In OpenGL I have flickering textures in most areas

In Vulkan there are flickering shadows (most visible on characters in the main menu but also on many enemies in the field)

And crazy rainbow lights:

(all of these things also happen in Linux using Vulkan especially the flickering shadows, the rainbow lights not as much).

I am so sad because in Windows and Linux OpenGL with a couple of mods it runs at 60fps and looks way better than the Switch. I have the original game on my Switch but I can’t go back after getting a taste of emulation :\

Anyway my Steam Deck is coming next week, maybe it runs better on it than my gaming rig with the 6800.