Yuzu New Feature - Boxcat

Read more at https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-boxcat/

Seems wonderful. Any chance we’ll be able to substitute custom Box address?

@dargoth Unfortunately no, that is not something we plan on doing ever.
The biggest concerns are quality and safety. We want to make sure that we present the highest quality emulator to our users, and improperly-done bcat can cause crashes or a poor experience. Also, we don’t feel comfortable allowing users to connect to any servers as it might cause security issues.

While I do understand, we are talking about an average user able to use Hekate… The risk is inherent to any external server and the yuzu one might go down in five years or be compromised. A local one might be much safer and permanently accessible. Since the project is open source, I’m assuming the address can be altered anyway, so the real question is “How easy will it be to alter the code and set up your own?”