Yuzu New Feature - Buffer Cache Rewrite

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I have a question about the performance increase section. It mentions there are no performance increases with Intel because they lack the raw power to emulate Switch.

What Intel CPU’s are you using for these tests? In my own (limited) tests with an i7-1065G7 I get playable (or near playable) framerates on most titles I have tried. With a little bump (like from a Buffer Cache Rewrite) it might just be the push needed to make most of those titles playable.

Then there is the new Tiger Lake CPUs like the i7-1165G7 with (Intel Xe) which I would think would have enough Oomph over the old Ice Lake CPUs to make Intel a pretty decent contender in Switch emulation.

The problem is this iGPU, I don’t know how much ram is needed this days to convert in to vram, all I know is from my i7-7700k and it is low, and GPU’s will rule Nvidia is no.1, AMD no.2 and Intel and AMD iGPU meh.

I may not have been clear, my results are with the iGPU in the Intel CPU I mentioned. Using the Intel Iris Plus in the i7-1065G7 (on a system with 16 GB RAM) I get playable or near-playable framerates with the current public build of Yuzu (no Buffer Cache Rewrite); and from everything I can tell, the i7-1165G7 with its support of much faster ram, and a considerable increase in both CPU and iGPU (Intel Iris Xe) performance, should fare even better.

My question is simply, what Intel CPU/iGPUs are being tested by the Yuzu team to come to the conclusion that it lacks the raw power to emulate the Switch? It would be nice to know what base line they are using. I don’t expect them to have all of the latest hardware to test every combination, so knowing what they are using would help in understanding where they are coming from.

I think they have the latest CPUs and GPUs from Intel, Nvidia and AMD to test Yuzu, what I see is they are working more on the latest hardware, than older ones like mine.
Recommended Intel Core i5-10400 / AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Intel UHD Graphics 630 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB / AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB
Soon will be Intel Core i5-11400, but I will wait for this.

I have an i7-1065G7 (Ice Lake) and it runs Yuzu pretty good. To test this out, I just played 20 mins of Disagea 5 at an (almost) rock solid 60 FPS (with the iGPU). I have tried a handful of other titles over the last few weeks and most of them are playable, or very close to it. Of course it gets better when I switch to my nVidia; but the point is that with just the iGPU its very nearly there with a last generation CPU/iGPU, and the newer CPU/iGPU (Tiger Lake) is a pretty big leap forward. It should have no problems running Yuzu.

Disgaea 5 is not that off a hardware killer, play Xenoblade series or more demanding games, and see there how it works, Intel Xe is just a prototype, will see in do time what it can do.

I don’t think you give Disgaea 5 enough credit for how demanding it actually is; but that’s not the point. There are literally hundreds (thousands?) of Switch titles that are less demanding than Disgaea 5. So sure, the Ice Lake CPU’s might not be powerful enough to run a small segment of titles that push the Switch to its limit but that’s not what the statement on this blog post says.

I tried Super Mario Odyssey and for the first 10 minutes or so (until my notoriously over aggressive setup thermal throttled) I got a pretty decent ~55 FPS.

Xenoblade crashes instantly with Vulkan (on my iGPU and my nVidia) so I can only do OpenGL and that drops performance (on all titles) by a considerable percentage so its not really a good candidate right now.

I am not saying this CPU/iGPU combo will play Yuzu perfectly. I am saying that even with a generation old Intel CPU, I am able to play many Switch titles, and the ones I am not, often come very close.

For me with Nvidia OpenGL works great and Vulkan works but not like OpenGL, and I play the games without Mods to jump for 30 to 60 FPS, I like them with native FPS, this Mods can break the game, and has I said I am on a Medium Hardware, not High End to play Cyberpunk 2077 4k, I play it Full HD with low settings on Geforce GTX 1060 6gb ddr5.

Very nice! When can we expect this in mainline builds?

After regressions are addressed, check the PR in github, has a checklist of what is missing.

I don’t think the spec sheet are accurate tbh.I have a ryzen 5 2600 non x with a 1070 ti and it runs flawless.My main game i play are diablo 3 but i did test other games.I am sad that titan quest doesn’t work at the moment though.

I take it game per game.Can’t expect all the games to run max speed as it’s an experimental emulator.As time passes it wouldbe better optimized.My brother actually play games on a ryzen 5 3400g with igpu and gets 30fps in most games.Intels iris gpu should do the same as it’s a lot faster than there old uhd series.

I am exited to see where this project go from here on out.I love vulkan but for nvidia opengl are better but personally i would like to see how this emu will run with dirextx 12.That’s my 2 cents :slight_smile:

@Pierre_Grobbelaar - I don’t know if will see DirectX 12 support on Yuzu, it will take some time and work to implement it, and it will slow the progress for OpenGL and Vulkan.
In time all the games should work.

Current Direct3D is not suitable for yuzu, lacks features we need.

u guys still fixed the amd gpu problem ? game randomly freezes while playing sound still current build raizen 5 3600 gpu rx 5700 16 gb ram 3600mz

That could be a Navi specific bug, older AMD products are more stable for now.