Yuzu New Feature - Project HADES

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Hello good evening i have a problem on my links awakening and pokemon sword have a graphical glitches how can i fix that kind of situation because i have a graphicards AMD Rx5600xt

This topic isn’t really meant for support. Open up a dedicated support topic for your issue.

For an Nvidia GPU, should I still be using OpenGL or should I switch to Vulkan with Hades?

I was running using OpenGL on an Nvidia 1660 Super. The only game I’ve been using is Super Mario Odyssey, and I was getting 60fps with some slowdowns to around 45fps.

On initial launch with the new update I was only getting about 25-30fps, even after running around a level for a little while letting the shaders rebuild… performance was poor, even after I was no longer seeing the shader messages at the bottom right.

I switched over to Vulkan - and what a difference! So far I’m getting a pretty steady 60fps even while shaders are being built (and occasional stutter or two now and again), with the exception of the “New Donk City” level, which is very busy and graphically intensive… I’ll get periods of a few minutes where the fps drop to about 40-45.

Back to the question - documentation is fairly limited, so what is the “new” best setup for Nvidia? Did I just have OpenGL settings incorrect, and that’s why my initial performance was so poor (yes, I’m asking more for opinion and speculation since I haven’t provided log files, etc…), or is Vulkan the preferred way to go?

*Just to reiterate, I understand the above post about this topic not being for support - I’ll open a separate topic if I feel the need to dive deeper into my setup. This is meant more for informational purposes.

I don’t know about Project HADES yet, I am not on Yuzu Early Access, I am waiting for Yuzu Mainline to get Project HADES, I am Nvidia GPU user and I am using OpenGL, that is the most stable for Nvidia GPU, Vulkan is not that good, I had some issues with it.

Tried it out myself with Vulkan after reading your message and Vulkan is performing far better than OpenGL! Not sure why I never tried this before, but I get an impressively stable framerate and very few framedrops, also the “glitching” is gone! It was running at 15fps most of the time before, now it’s over 30 most of the time.

I have a 1050ti.