Yuzu New Feature - Prometheus

Read more at https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-prometheus/

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Nice what new thing will be this Prometheus, but i see that message: 404 Page not found.
It’s working now, and I see a great news.

Well the performance did improve quite a lot, but now the emulator keeps crashing, really really often, I’m guessing it’s because my GPU it’s an AMD one.

My current PC has

Ryzen 5 2600X
16GB drr4 3000mhz
AMD Radeon RX 480 8gb.

Must likely you are already aware of this issue so I hope it can get fixed in the near future, thanks for all of your work.

Is the support for Sandy Bridge CPU’s been dropped?

No, not at all. Their performance will not magically be a lot better for yuzu, but it should help.

Today is my birthday and this is a magnificent gift!

Happy Birthday Reloonfire! :slight_smile:

Hello. Thank you for the update. Unfortunately the emulator always crashes when I start a game (freezes at the loading screen and crashes).
My specs are:
Intel i7 5500 2.4 GHz
4GB ddr3 1600mhz
GPU Nvidia 920M

You should try to close all other softwares/applications that you have running.
I was getting crashes with half of my games after this update. The reason is that new Yuzu EA build use more ram than it was using before.
Now I’m using around 5gb ram for all the games.

Thank you for the reply :blush:

So, where’s the update? It’s paid onle? and did you resign on updating non-paid version? It wasn’t updated for three days already. What the hell is going on here?

As with all of our major feature releases, prometheus too will remain in early access until we thoroughly test and fix all the issues or bugs that it might have. (Usually lasts from 10~14 days - but might even be sooner)

Regarding the mainline version, we’ve had some changes to our building environments and these changes caused some unforeseen issues with our deployment services.

We have since fixed these and mainline builds will start updating soon.


Please fix RAM leak on vulkan.

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@CaptV0rt3x Thanks for the answer. And sorry if I was rude. I did not have the best day and I became quite worried when I did not see an update for Yuzu in a few days, but that’s no excuse to being rude at you guys. I know you are doing your best both with mainline and Early Access versions and you already proved in past that you are not like other teams that hog their new features in paid “Early Access” versions for months or even years, so, I have good faith in you.


will this Multicore CPU emulation be coming to the mainline version of the yuzu ? or this feature will only be available in the Early Access?

It will come, but we use the early access users to iron out any problem they find, and we need to clean the code to merge it to the master branch (so it works with mainline).
Expect more than a week.

I have some crashes in Pokemon Sword when enable multicore. Single core work perfect

when i enable multicore on configure , every game once loaded crashes in a few seconds , like luigi’s mansion 3 . can someone help me?

@ledwin @lidortoz Please open a new issue and post logs after the crashes.

How do I do it? I don’t know…