Yuzu - New Platform Release - yuzu on Android

Read more at https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-android/


Hi. May I know that after selecting prod.key, why it will show the message “Invalid key file selected”? The key file is the same as use on PC.

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Should probably mirror release on Fdroid. I don’t think Google Play is a safe place for an emulator in a long run


Why does Yuzu need to recompile the ARM code of the guest system to the ARM code of the host system? Couldn’t Yuzu run on ARM similarly to a virtualized VM or a compatibility layer? I mean, the game code itself could be run natively, right? Wouldn’t that help performance by a lot?

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Same here anyone else know a fix?

I need a port for s series


My aspect ratio on Z fold 4 for Legend of Zelda links awakening is sideways. I cant get it to turn to landscape mode.

Any tips?

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mine too

Will YUZU be on Huawei devices that don’t have Google play services?

Hi guys, bought your early access app android. You mention qualcom driver works for some games, i use a samsung s7 fe tablet. Where to find a suitable driver?

Meu aparelho tem o minino pra rodar o yuzu android, so q meu aparelho xiaomi mi 9 Ă© android 10 e nĂŁo Ă© compatĂ­vel com meu aparelho, fiquei triste porque queria testar :frowning:

I think it is a bug for now, I met the same issue earlier but I fixed it by skip the process and install the prod.keys later in settings.

I guess it is because switch is such an outdated device that runs with ARM32 rather than ARM64 :sweat_smile:

Switch uses an ARMv8 processor, which is basically the same as ARM64. It doesn’t run on ARM32.

Thinking that your device is going to struggle since in the blog it states that you need minimum a device with Snapdragon 865 with 8GB of RAM or better. Your tablet, depending if it’s the 5G or WiFi model, has a Snapdragon 750G/Adreno 615 or 778G/Adreno 642L respectively with the 256GB model being the only one with 8GB of RAM.

Even though, probably the best driver would probably be v615.65 which is for Adreno 6xx GPUs or even v690 which is for Adreno 640 and below… In reality you would have to try the different available drivers to see which works best for you as some work best depending on the game itself and/or your GPU/device.

Thx for info, the driver works for me in latest skyline, but i guess its too early in yuzu now, keeps crashing on every game, cant even boot very simple 2d games.

What you’re doing right now is piracy. Stop it.

change folder, dont work if keys in download folder i dont know why

I would like to know if the emulator will work on MALI processors, or it is not a priority and in the near future it will work only on adreno?

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