Yuzu - New Platform Release - yuzu on Android

thank you. what about Nvidia shield support?

Is there any chance for this being on Android 10 because I’m one below the neccessary android and this looks really promising :sob::sob:

Nope. Buy a new phone.

Please anyone can tell me how to apply a update to a game in the yuzu app? Im lost… Can’t find any tutorial only for computers version. Thanks.

Oi preciso de ajuda preciso mesmo que você passa esse daí certo preciso muito jogar esse jogo você tem Pokémon aí deixa eu ver super Mario super Mario kart se possível isso eu prometo que é isso o jogo que eu não vou te perturbar

Amigo você pode dar esses jogos tipo super Mario Pokémon e Pokémon falei Ah tá então ó super Mario super Mario kart ok eu tô precisando muito jogar esses jogos

Screen direction doesn’t look right on xiaomi 6 pad tablet when updated to 6273e1f2b version.It works well on last version.

A mi no me aparece la app de yuzu(creo que soy el unico que habla español)

Install games updates and dlc isnt available?

O meu não está rodando nenhum jogo
estou no Android 13 miui 14 tenho um mi 11 t pro todos jogos fecha sozinho se eu colocar o drive turnip piora mais ainda
não sei o que pode ser alguém da uma luz

I encounter a problem when playing P5R in Yuzu app.I use an Android pad to play the game,but the scene is vertically displayed,and I can’t find an option to rotate the scene.will the later versions add this function?

Did anyone try Yuzu Android on Mediatek 8200 processor or any similar to this, will it work or it won’t work at all?

Mi Pad 5 Same problem

working on my note 10+ eventually.
had flickering screen. tried custom driver. crash to homescreen on game load.
set driver back to default.
no flickering screen…
ill take it.

sync save files between android and PC.

(same keys on both devices required, and why would they not be the same if pulled from your personal switch, eh?)

When will you enable independent controller use in Yuzu for Android?

“Hello! I would like to know why you are releasing an Android version of the YUZU emulator. Currently, many NS emulators on the Android platform are incomplete and at least far worse than the PC version. The experience is also very poor and it may take at least two to three years for them to catch up. Personally, I am not optimistic about it. I have always thought that continuously improving the PC version of the YUZU emulator would be sufficient, given that it is an open-source project and I am not sure how much funding is available for research and development of this project. Actually, I have been looking forward to seeing it become more and more refined. On the other hand, is it difficult to continue updating and improving the functionality of the YUZU emulator?”

The experience with recommended devices is actually very decent. You can run many popular titles at full speed, no problem. There are also many more Android specific optimizations that we could make in the future, currently this is just a direct port, with only really the UI and frontend being different from the desktop builds. So once we get some Android specific optimizations, the play-ability of most devices should increase dramatically.

As I said, it’s a direct port, so that means that the core emulator (under the hood, so to say) is the exact same. Meaning that any improvements made to the desktop side of things in terms of performance or emulation accuracy, will also affect the Android builds. In this way, we’re developing both at the same time.

hi! i had a problem installing yuzu emulator on my device.

so I’m trying to install yuzu emulator on my tab, it’s Huawei matepad, since you know… huawei doesn’t support google especially google playstore so i had to download yuzu emulator on website. but the problem is when i tried to install the app there’s this notification saying “an error occured while parsing the package” can anybody help me please? is it because my device is not support yuzu emulator? i have snapdragon 865 but why? please help me

Hi.I have some problems installing the mod.Can’t I using the same method of placing the necessary files in the specified folder as the emulator on PC?

does this work with oneplus pad?