Yuzu No Audio - It's Suddenly Mute One Day

Log redacted due to pirated content

I know this is not a new topic but it bothered me a lot. Whenever I open any rom, it’s mute. I have checked the audio setting like in the picture but nothing is wrong. The audio is still available like weeks ago, and about 1 week ago it lost audio. Thank you for time.

after you run the games that have issue go to your windows volume mixer and make sure you didn’t accidentally mute yuzu there. Windows can remember what you’ve set for it it is annoying. I’ve muted myself many times and forgot :sweat_smile: .

You can also see if you somehow hit the hotkey for muting (ctrl m or there is a controller hotkey version of it I believe).

There hasn’t been a whole lot audio related changed lately so if your issue still happens a log wouldn’t hurt to maybe explain more Getting Log Files - yuzu

Did you find anything wrong in the log file?

Ah I didn’t even see you uploaded one. Yeah we won’t support pirates here so I’ll have to close this issue.