Yuzu Patreon Preview Release

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Some people are saying that yuzu is a fake emulator that doesn’t run anything good and most probably never will, as it was made only to provide money donations by the fans. Proof is that it does not run any game despite all the years in “development”, but just a couple intros of bad games nobody wants to play. Seems that the “developers” are very good in asking for donations and in complaining about the hardships of emulator development, but very very poor at coding… :frowning:

Wait a sec. I don’t know where you are getting this information but that is entirely wrong.

First, “All the years” ? - yuzu just celebrated its 1st anniversary in January. It’s only been a year.

Second, “doesn’t run any games ?” - yuzu can play a lot of switch titles, although not 100% with perfection.
Check out our website, discord for in game screenshots and we also have a game compatibility list (Work-in-progress).

Third, we aren’t forcing people to donate. People who’ve experienced the emulator’s capacities have chose to become our patrons and donate to us, of their own volition.

And most important of all, I don’t see these “people” lending a hand with the project. Our developers have spent countless hours of their valuable time to research and reverse engineer the Nintendo Switch which led to the development of this emulator.

If you feel that our devs aren’t good at coding, feel free to contribute code yourself. yuzu is an open source project and everyone is welcome to contribute to the project. :slightly_smiling_face:


Shame to see Yuzu move to Cemu’s monetization method. Was never a fan of Cemu and its business practices as it essentially made it a commercial emulator hidden behind donations. It also kinda defeats the purpose of canary builds. These were intended to be the bleeding edge of features but now there is something more bleeding edge than the supposed bleeding edge builds it feels meaningless.

Not a big fan of how the source code for these builds is only available to patreon supporters as well. Making new developers that want to join have to pay for access to the newest source code which has as goal to fund development in the first place… :s

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@Skywolf, I’m afraid you are mistaken in your understanding of how the yuzu patreon preview works.

First of all, it is not closed source like cemu. It is still very much open source and our license (GPLv2+) compatible.

The yuzu patreon preview is more of an early access into major features, which could be fixes or performance improvements, meant as a reward for our beloved patrons and their support.

There aren’t any exclusive features locked behind a paywall here. All the features of the preview build will be made available to general public, but with a small delay of a few days (during which, the feature will be tested and more polished for general public use).

According to GPL, we have to bundle the source code along with the binary executable. And hence we are providing the build and source to our patrons only. However, if any patron should chose to share either the build or the source with their friends, they are allowed to do so.

Coming to the “defeats the purpose of Canary”, once again NO. The preview builds are meant as a token of appreciation for the support our patrons have give us. They real purpose isn’t testing.

However, there exist quite a few patrons who like to test various games and report back to the devs and they do this of their own volition.

P.s. I don’t know if you’ve fully read the article, but just to clarify, the preview builds aren’t regular builds. They don’t have a release schedule similar to nightly or Canary. They won’t have any updates.

It’s just a use and throw build (temporary) to enjoy early access to features before they come to normal Canary builds. This effectively means that after a short while, the Canary builds will hugely surpass these preview builds.

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Unless I’m understanding it wrong Canary already is the early-access for features that require testing and polishing .etc until they eventually end up in nightly. So preview is like an early-early-access? The only time I can see it being worth doing this is if the previews are proof-of-concepts. But at that point you might as well just make it a blog-post.

The article just isn’t very clear about how all this works. “A few days”? How many days are we talking about? The answer to this will probably be “when it’s finished” but since I doubt these preview features will be far from being canary-worthy would I like to know how much time is expected to be between the two.

What is the difference between these and Canary? “Not Canary” is not saying much and is just confusing.

Maybe I’m just too cynical but all the talk about “reward for our beloved patreon supporters” just makes it sound like the “We really just want your money but we can’t or don’t wan’t to sell our thing for what it really is: a product” many projects I have seen putting things behind a donation pay wall mean with such a phrase. Which makes this feel like a scary route for Yuzu to go down.

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@Skywolf, I understand your concerns and believe me when I say - many people have expressed the same concerns. We are listening to everyone’s opinions/views and are discussing internally, to make any changes in our plans if necessary.

To put simply, a feature goes into Canary when it’s almost ready for public usage and we want to make sure it doesn’t conflict with other stuff. So, the PR stays in the Canary for a while - we recieve feedback and fix issues and then merge it into master.

The patreon preview isn’t just early early access or a platform for proof of concept stuff.
The major difference from Canary being that patreon preview build will not happen for each and every PR/feature. So, as opposed to Canary-1111, 1112,1113 etc (for e.g.) you Won’t have any constant updates to said preview build.

The preview will happen only for a big feature/fix that the team believes, will make the patrons happy to try it out via early access.

So imagine if we had 4/5 simple bug fix PRs and one major perf boost PR. Upon the decision of the team, we may choose to do a preview build for a major feature, perf boost in this case, as a reward and it won’t happen for each and every PR/feature.

Your second concern was, “how many days?”. Right now we have an estimated 2~3 days of delay before the features/fixes are PR’d to GitHub repo and then another 2~3 days before they all get merged with Canary… this additional time is needed to remove conflicts and issues with other PRs or existing master branch. So, all in all, the duration would be close to a week, before the Canary becomes equivalent or surpasses the preview build.

In the current world-wide economy, what might seem a small amount for people from first world countries - could end up being a sizeable amount for devs from 3rd world countries.

We aren’t forcing users to pay to use yuzu or its features. yuzu has always been FOSS and will remain so forever.

We are still going to provide access to each and every feature to everyone irrespective of their patronage.
We just wanted to make sure our devs get some monetary incentives for their efforts and this was one such way. This will help the devs to put more of their time and efforts towards the project.

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Doesn’t seem as bad as I was afraid it would be and I might have overreacted a bit. A week (or two at worst) isn’t too bad and it doesnt appear this potentially hinders development by having two different builds being worked on at the same time or something.

Thanks for clearing things up.


Why are people so bothered by the whole PR thing? if a few $$$ helps the devs to push forward and get the Emu to a level similar to CEMU thats great news for the other 99.9% of people that will gain access to its features just a week later without giving a penny!
I personally cannot justify buying myself/my kids a switch (would love to but to be fair we have enough machines as it is), I currently use CEMU in my games room hooked up to a projector whilst the kids use the WII U downstairs on the tv, I am looking forward to being able to run switch games at full speed on my projector as well (hopefully in the not too distant future) and in the ongoing future to be able to do similar things to CEMU and add filters and upscale etc. when it gets to this state I would be happy to donate the price of a switch game as a huge thank you to the people that are using their time and skills to make this all possible. Do I think that PR is justified? yep I think any way that allows people to voluntarily give to the devs is spot on!!! if they were saying pay us or you get nothing that would be less pleasing… but then again it would also be justifiable if devs make a product and sell a product… so be thankful and generous for what they are doing…


Then lets see you make a complex emulator detailing the complex coding required to emulate switch hardware/trick games into believing the hardware is there, code the engine required to render 3D graphics, sound, and other features. All the while making sure the code and build is stable enough to run games decently.

What’s that? You can’t code?


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So, if I can’t reproduce something, it means I can’t criticize it either? Nice thought for someone who never had to work in life.

What if you bought a brand new Nintendo Switch and then discovered that the videogame came broken, triggered the warranty and Nintendo told you that you do not have the right to complain or require another product because you don’t know how hard it is to own a videogame industry, thus, you couldn’t possibly know how difficult it is to ensure that the logistics process are being able to deliver all items in full perfect working and handling states whatsoever. Would you accept the excuse and move on?

What is your definition of “play”? If you mean by “play” running the game with tons of limitations, bugs, errors, crashes and insane workarounds, then I agree with you. Pokémon Let’s Go on yuzu is the worst game emulation I’ve ever seen. It shouldn’t be listed as “bad” on the game compatibility page, but as “not supported” instead — as long as almost all titles there. How can you possibly play an RPG game like Pokémon with no text at all? That’s crazy.

You can be clever and very sharp in arguing with people who points out the project failures, but nothing changes the fact that yuzu team is lying to the community! :slight_smile:

Pokemon Let’s Go is fully playable (with minor crashes when renaming poke). The lack of fonts is for AMD GPUs. That too is due to driver limitations(iirc). Many people have completed the game wholly on yuzu (using Nvidia GPUs). If you don’t use AMD GPUs and still have issues, hop on to our discord and just ask for help.

Please don’t falsely accuse us (the team) of lying to the community. You can’t go around expecting an emulator which is just over an year old, to come with All games supported with no issues and fully playable!!
Your sense of entitlement is absolutely ridiculous.

An emulator’s purpose is to eventually become the best way for game preservation. It’s purpose is not to become a replacement for Switch console. So, it’ll slowly but surely get there. It takes time to make progress with software development, it’s not magic to just snap your fingers and have a full product ready.

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@deathsia There is no need to be hostile while responding. Such hostility could get you into trouble. Please be more careful in the future.

Sorry about that. I’ll keep myself more toned down in the future but as an indie game dev,(no where near the talent of the guys making these emulators mind you) I know how hard it can be to code for a game and as such feel empathy for anyone taking on the task of creating an engine from scratch and often hostility for those ignorant enough to spout crap like the guy I replied to did.

Ignorance may not be wrong but if someone (knowing full well they have no idea what they are talking about) attempts to flame and make remarks like that guy did, well, lets just say its good i’m not a moderator on this site because he’d be perma-IP banned for a post like that.

I apologize for accusing you and the other team members. My words were a bit harsh and did not correspond to reality. I admit. What I wanted to criticize, in fact, might have been some exaggerated optimism, but I overcame it. Sorry.

You should take CaptV0rt3x words as a model next time you argue with someone. He proved his point without being disrespectful and made feel ashamed of my words.