Yuzu - Progress Report 2018 - Part 1

Read more at https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-progress-report-2018-p1/


Is there a road map of whats already been RE’ed and now needs to be implemented? I’d like to help out, I’m not good at RE but I’m fine with development. Thanks.

We still have a few things to share about the progress we’ve made. Part 2 of the report should make things even clearer.
(Its coming next week)
If you are interested in developing, please hop on to our Discord channel and get started.

Have you intend to hack Let’sGo pikachu and Evee for yuzu in the fulture like Citra team done with OR,AS,Sun and Moon before?

If you’re referring to the No Outlines patch, that was done independently by shinyquagsire. There are no official Citra ROM hacks (In fact, we don’t really provide support for ROM hacks.).