Yuzu - Progress Report 2018 - Part 3

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i have a question and a request. my qestion is: where do i get roms for yuzu and not the homebrew based games i mean the official games. and my request is: can you guys make an automatic update reconizer program for yuzu just like citra

Yuzu is a legal Emulator for the Nintendo Switch which is meant to be used with games dumped from your own switch.
Dumping games is legal. Downloading them is not.

Simply put, you need to own a switch and buy switch games and dump them inorder to play them on yuzu.

Furthermore, yuzu requires system files and keys, which are only available on a switch, to play the games.

We highly condemn piracy and any mention of it even remotely will be dealt with strictly.

On November 16 Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and eevee going to release ,then pokeball controler will be also released .Can we use pokeball controler in yuzu for playing let’s go Pikachu and eevee???

I doubt that game is gonna be in a fully playable state on release, that’s just 2 months away and right now just a few games work properly and even fewer at full speed, the development has been very fast but don’t count on AAA games running on release day. The Pokeball controller is just a joycon in a different shape, so it should work when joycon support is eventually implemented if it isn’t already.

So can I use the pokeball controler on yuzu in pc