Yuzu - Progress Report January 2022

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Great work. German77, if you’re reading this, have you been playing MK8 at all? I’d like to add pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) to the gas pedal button, to simulate an analog gas (and break), by hooking up those inputs to the analog left / right triggers on Xbox Controllers or whatever controller you have that has analog (instead of digital) triggers, and then jamming the button more or less frequently based on how far you squeeze on the analog. It would be crude but certainly less so than a binary 100% GAS or 0% that we play with currently.

I was wondering if you had any such feature planned (like a Turbo button) for other games, just lacking the UI for it, or if I should go ahead and implement it myself. I love MK8 but the digital gas is kind of tiresome, and I’d like to play the new DLC levels with a proper steering wheel and gas pedal / breaks.

One last question, is there any chance you might add support for VS 2022 in the build system?

Please add an option to start games in fullscreen mode. No options work to start games as fullscreen

Hai yuzu,
I’m still wondering how to get 50+ fps in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, I’m using yuzu 953 and 60fps mod only to improve fps in the cutscenes, ingame still only 10-19 fps