Yuzu - Progress Report July 2021

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Hi, today I downloaded the last version but the fps have down, I try with Vulkan or OpenGl but the fps dont up, I have a nvdia 2070.

other issue is… when I chatched a pokemon sometimes the game es freeze

Create a support post and get me a log file please: Getting Log Files - yuzu

Is it possible to buy new switch games and somehow authorise them to run on yuzu without owning a switch?

Nope. The games always need to be dumped manually.

hey so im a bit confused do i have to download the newest yuzu version aka version 715 in order to have that project hades implementation or it already been implemented many versions ago? sorry if its a dumb question

It has been added since version 700.

yuzu_log.txt (39.6 KB)

pls help me fix this

I assume you only have the Intel GPU on that laptop. It’s too old to run yuzu.

hello I do not know where to put this too but some time ago I got a bit carried away on the discord because I could not get help and I was banned … I deeply regret my outburst and I would like to know if there is any way to be forgiven and to be able to come back? I no longer have any worries but I miss the discord and my whole house was banished from my sister who is a little angry with me …

I have a server 2 x E5-2650L v4 CPU, 384G RAM
running proxmox, passthrough RX570 to windows 10 to run Yuzu
It got 56 threads, but low cpu frequency @ 1.70GHz.
just tested, on v734, Mario Kart 8 v1.71 has around 30 to 40 fps during game play.

if yuzu can somehow use more threads, like multiple thread process sound, it should have more fps.
I would like to help if you guys need a tester.

You will still only use up to 3 threads for CPU emulation, and the 1.7GHz will limit you on that front.
Thanks for the offer, I think I know someone internally who will like the idea to play with that many threads!