Yuzu - Progress Report October 2020

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Great news, now we must wait for Fire Emblem Three Houses crash fix, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC&Update fix, they are working on yuzu 66 or yuzu 41, why not see what is it that makes them work, and fix them in the next builds.
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Older versions work because their shader decoder was more simple, skipped tons of things.

Then Fire Emblem Three Houses and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have the same problem with shader decoder.

No, the main problem with XC2 is lack of barriers, and the game hates async GPU.

Is lack of barriers ?, async GPU is the reason that is crashing the game when you are in battle.

They are like additional checks, varies depending of the drivers.

k. thanks, drivers it is a pain to find one that it works.
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Will the texture rewrite cache solve the graphical issues in xc2 using vulkan for amd gpu users? I would like to keep my vega 64 for longer or is it better to buy a nvidia gpu.

I have Nvidia GPU and I have the same problem with XC2, and it is better with Nvidia OpenGL.