Yuzu-room Server / error status code: 401

I set up a new yuzu-room server under Windows Server 2019 (hosted server on the internet) and after a while I always get these error messages on the server in the yuzu-room console:

  • error status code: 401
  • httplib Error: Failed to read connection

How can I fix this.
Or what am I doing wrong?

Attached are the yuzu_logs from a connected client and from the yuzu-room server.

yuzu_log_client.txt (1.5 KB)
yuzu_log_server.txt (4.0 KB)


Four of us played over the yuzu room yesterday.

Short update:
The errors mentioned above only appear in the log if I start the server as a public room.
(The --token and --web-api-url arguments are set and configured.)
Also in the public room were random disconnects in the room.
(Playing wasn’t really possible.)

But if I switch the room to private, everything works fine.
(No crashes, no console errors)
(Arguments --token and --web-api-url not set.)
(Just remove it from the command line for yuzu-room.exe.)

Maybe this will help someone else…