Yuzu stops image and sound keeps running

Hey everyone
Regarding about pokemon sword, Im facing two very annoying issues.
1 - Yuzu runs pokemon very good for 20min playing, but image at some point the image stops and the music still keeps running, forcing to close Yuzu and start the game again.
2 - very often Yuzu or windows deletes the app, and i have to install it again and so and so.
Is this a bug?, anyway how to fix it? someone else here is facing the same thing?

Using Yuzu early Access 538

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Get me a log after a black screen.
The app problem may be that when you kill yuzu, its instance is still running (check task manager), if you try to update the ap by running it from the start menu, the installer will not be able to update the files (due to yuzu still being open), corrupting the installation. Just make sure with the task manager that yuzu is really closed.

Log file:https://www.dropbox.com/s/c72o6wzr5m6p2f6/yuzu_log.rar?dl=0

Mods make Pokemon’s weather fail, you have to entirely remove the mod from the folder to fix this.

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still the same issue.

Can you post me a log without the mods?

yes without mods, crashes. if you i can make another log and you will see that im right.

I see this not going anywhere, I can only play one combat and second one after i win, the screen freezes. the issue doesnt come from the mods. Im supporting Yuzu, but i cant use it even with a great machine that i have. a bit sad about this. every update that i see, always i have some hopes. but has been a while and still the same issue appears.

please devs put some extra effort to AMD users or whatever is doing this issue.

I want to see the differences with the previous log, please post me a new one.
This is unrelated to AMD GPUs.

Hey, sorry for the delay, here is the log with no mods. https://gofile.io/d/cMct6O

That log is not after some gameplay, seems like you opened yuzu again before sending it.

you right, my bad. https://gofile.io/d/shPEzO this one should be from today.

I noticed also after the Yuzu freezes, I reset the metadata and I restart the game then im able to play again with no issues, but of course it will freeze again and so on. Im able to play for some time atm. everything work as great, but the freezes for sometime.

Try this: Disable Anisotropic filtering, boot the games with accuracy on normal, and try if disabling both multicore and async helps.

It looks like the Multicore is pushing the CPU insanely. when freezes or even loading the game, I checked the task manager and the cpu as 84% use (Yuzu not responding and I have to kill yuzu). other settings are not effecting the game only the graphic quality. I can be wrong, but it seems that multicore has some issues. idk. but this is the only input I can give you at moment.

Yes, multicore has some issues we have to address. Can you confirm me that it works well with multicore off?

Yes without works kinda, but it lags. The performance is not that smooth if I turn off the multicore.

yuzu_log.txt (90.7 KB)