Yuzu stops responding when looking for game to load


I am having issues with getting Yuzu to work. I try to load a game and it just says yuzu has stopped responding, and there is a close program button or cancel, both of which closes yuzu.
Here is my log below:
yuzu_log.txt (1.4 KB)

What’s your GPU? If it is the included Intel one in the CPU, you won’t be able to run yuzu in Windows.

Its Intel ® HD Graphics 5500

I haven’t updated my graphics card, so it would be the intel one that came with the laptop.

Driver support for that series ended in Windows, making it incompatible with yuzu. Only the Linux drivers can run yuzu on it.

I see, so I would need to use a Linux computer or get a much newer laptop that has a better graphics card then?

Full tower desktop is best for games, cheaper and better than a laptop with same specs, and you can upgrade it when ever you want.

true point but that is quite bulky and I like to be able to take my computer to different places, thats why im currently using a laptop. Is there no way to play yuzu games on a laptop?

You can, you need a good laptop that has high specs something Alien, but it will empty your pouch.