Yuzu stuck on Unity screen

I tries to ran Kamen Rider Climax Scrambles on Yuzu, this is the first time i tried Yuzu.

log files:
yuzu_log.txt (55.2 KB)

My spec:
Ryzen 5 5600g with Vega 7
RAM 16GB 3200mhz

I’ve confirmed this to be an issue. I will let you know the results if I manage to work around it.

Seems to have been broken here on yuzu for the last year :sweat_smile: For now please stick to playing it on your console or ryujinx.

The last yuzu version I can get it to work on is 890. Which is terribly old.

thanks for confirming! i thought it was error on my side seeing others could make it to work, will try it on ryujinx!

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