Yuzu & Wii Classic Controller Joypads Not Working


I’m running Linux (OpenSUSE Tumbleweed) and installing Yuzu from the OpenSUSE Build service. My problem is that when I configure controls, I am doing so using the “Custom” option and with Player 1 assigned as “Dual Joycons”, configuring all buttons except “Left Stick” and “Right Stick” will work. For some reason, Yuzu can not detect the analog controls of the Wii remote’s Classic Controller.

The controller drivers were compiled from source on the CWiiD Github. In the “Game Controller” setup from OpenSUSE’s interface, the Gamepad is detected as “Nintendo Wiimote (/dev/input/js0)”. The left joystick displays Axis values for “3” and “4”, while the right joystick displays Axis values for “5” and “6”.

It’s unclear to me why Yuzu recognizes the Axis of the Classic Controller’s directional pad, with Axis labeled as 1(x) and 2(y), and not the other axis.

I would have considered my PS4 controller as an alternate gamepad to use for Yuzu, however it is difficult to configure buttons as all inputs are triggered when assigning to the accelerometer.

I can look into other methods of connecting the Wii’s Classic Controller to my Linux PC, but I am still wondering if the detection is/isn’t a bug or not.

Thank you.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Sorry, I can’t help much here as I don’t have the hardware to replicate the problem.
Can you confirm if this happens on other software, like Dolphin?

I have just installed Dolphin 5.0-11688 from OpenSUSE and confirmed that the control configuration does correctly detect the classic controller’s axis properly for it’s joysticks. See attached (no other configuration was done aside from the joysticks):


Using a different Wii remote module simply called “wiimote” allows the joysticks to be used and correctly map in Yuzu’s controller mapping. However, when tested with Super Mario Odyssey, the right joystick which controls constantly drifts, making gameplay nearly impossible, unless this is a game bug itself.

See if adjusting the dead zone helps, it should be on the qt-config file. If I’m not wrong, that is in .config/yuzu