Yuzu - Window Does Not Appear

When I run yuzu , the updater runs fine, and “yuzu 322” appears in my taskbar, but the window itself does not appear. I have uninstalled and reinstalled yuzu, which does not fix the problem. There is no error thrown, and yuzu does not crash. I can close it without a problem.

yuzu_log.txt (889 Bytes)

Since the log doesn’t seem to show it, my video card is an Nvidia 1080 TI, using GeForce Game Ready Driver Version 451.67.

Do you have multiple monitors?

I do, but I have disabled all but 1.

However, you did give me an idea which has resolved my issue:
I tried to use Win+Arrows to move the window or maximize it, but that did not work.
What did work was using Task Manager to maximize the Yuzu window

I am curious as to why using Win+arrow keys didn’t work, as now I can see the window, the Win+arrow key shortcuts work.

Thank you for the advice, and hopefully this helps anyone else having this issue.

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