Zelda Skyward Sword Questions

When I try to play the game on Vulkan, it plays around 40 fps, which is playable enough, but it prevents me from playing the game at this fps. If the fps are not at 60fps when in Vulkan, the game will freeze super briefly every second or two. It may not sound that bad, but it makes it unplayable, really. I get 30 fps on OpenGL, but I can’t play it because then the game runs at half speed. On OpenGL, something stops the game from dynamically changing target fps, but on Vulkan, when not at 60, it has weird freezes.

Is this already know, or are people trying to fix this?

I attached my openGL log. Let me know if you want the Vulkan one too.

yuzu_log.txt (1003.7 KB)

That level of performance is expected from a dual core Skylake and a gen9 iGPU. You will need better hardware to get more consistent performance on yuzu.