Zelda Triforce Heroes Multiplayer Setup Guide

So it took me a fair bit of time to setup this game so that I could play it online with friends and we are now enjoying it loads! I couldn’t find at the time any one place with all the information on how to get it all going, so I thought I’d put together a small guide for anyone that might like to play this with their friends.

Firstly, all your friends need to be setup for online play with their Citra username and token (the Web tab in the settings has links for this).

One of the three players will need to host the game. This person needs to setup their internet connection for Port Forwarding. For this, you need to access your router admin page, create a Port Forwarding rule (in mine it’s under WAN Services), with a UDP protocol, for port 24872 (the port number provided by Citra when you try create a new Multiplayer Room), with the Destination IP that you see when you run the ipconfig command (it will be the IPv4 address).

Once this is setup you can create a room under the Multiplayer menu for your friends to find in the lobby.

In the game you’ll have to play for a few minutes before you’re able to connect with your friends. You’ll have to speak to the Madame Coature character about making you a tunic, then go to the castle to receive the fabric, back to the Madame for her to make you a tunic and then back to the castle and finally into the three heroes room (vs the one hero for single player). There you need to speak to the old man, select Local Play and create a team.

Your friends will need to find the room you’re hosting from the Multiplayer public game lobby and if your Port Forwarding is setup correctly they’ll be able to join it. Then they will need to get to the same point in the game, speak to the old man, select Local Play, join an existing team and they should see your character name appear in the list. Select it and voila!

We found that the game can get quite laggy if not everyone in the party can hold a steady 60 FPS on their machine. So if anyone’s hardware struggles, they should try to maybe lower their resolution, disable VSync or tinker with the Nvidia Control Panel settings for Citra. We found that enabling Triple Buffering, Threaded Optimisation and Adaptive or Fast VSync were the settings that may help the most. The online game still stutters occasionally, but I think that’s something that you just have to deal with.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone! This game is such fun to play with your friends.